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Special feature - Tips & advice from Peter Schneirla, chief gemologist at renowned Tiffany & Co.
Pearls - Understand Pearls and Care for it
Diamonds - The 4 Cs and how to take care
Cleaning of Gems - Opal, Pearl, Platinum
Silver - How to clean and care for silver, sterling silver



Past Customers Comments

(These comments & feedback are much appreciated as they are genuinely given by these kind customers.)


"Just wanted to let you know that I've received the ear ring holder with thanks!" -Y. L. Loh

Apr 2013

"Just wanted to let you know my earring holder arrived today. Thank for your outstanding service!" -S. Smith


Jan 2013

"Have received the ear ring organizer today with thanks!" -Y. L. Loh


Dec 2012

"Thank you for wrapping up for Lina! She likes the present :)" -M. Y. Chan


Dec 2012

"Received the bag in good condition ! And thanks for the free gift :)Merry X'mas !" -C. Teo


July 2012

"I received the items I purchased yesterday. I am contented with them. Thanks, once again." -H. Fernandez


May 2012

"Received the items today! Love them!!! Thx!" - F. Zhu


Jan 2011

"I've received the parcel. Thanks for your excellent and efficient service! It has been a pleasure shopping with you."

- M. Huang


Dec 2010

"It reached me on Fri and I managed to give my cousin on Sat b4 she flies home. Thanks so much." - S. Tan


Nov 2010

"I've received the items today. You're an expert in wrapping :) it reaches me in very good condition :) Thanks/Regards."

- Sakura


Sep 2010

"My earring holder arrived yesterday and it is beautiful just what I wanted." - S. Scott (Australia)


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