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How to care for silver

Clean periodically with a soft, dry cloth. Do not clean with ammonia, foam and liquids as these can remove the topmost layer of silver coating.

Written by Linda Lee

Why Does Sterling Silver Tarnish?

Foods like salad dressing and eggs, which contain sulfur, will cause silver to tarnish, and salt may corrode it.

Wash sterling silver in hot, sudsy water and buff dry. Store it in silver cloth to help prevent it from tarnishing

Extracted from Heloise's Hints

Silver Accessories

Clean your silver jewellery with water and handsoap after each time you wear them. This will remove the sweat and dirt that has been transferred from your body and prevent the silver from tarnishing.

For silver jewellery that have turned yellow or tarnished, use a silver polishing cloth to restore it to its original gleaming status.

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