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How to care for your precious gems

  • Amber
    Wipe with warm soapy water and pat dry with a soft cloth. Do not expose the jewel to intense heat as this may cause it to melt. Avoid using stiff brushes, commercial clensers or chemicals. Do not soak amber in harsh cleaning agents or hot water.

  • Gold
    Warm, soapy water or alcohol can help to dissolve stubborn traces of dirt. Do not use ammonia as it can darken soldered joints. On the other hand, mercury will wash out all the colour of gold, so keep all gold well away from ammonia and mercury.

  • Emerald
    clean with a velvety cloth, warm water or soft brush. Most pure emeralds have inclusions that make them brittle, so you may consider having them re-oiled every few years. Do not use an ultrasonic cleaner or steamer, as they can damage the make-up of these delicate gems.

  • Opal
    Do not soak, bleach or wet doublets and triplets with chemicals. Instead, clean them with a moist, soft cloth.
    Store the accessories in a padded bag to minimise exposure to changing temperatures.

  • Pearl
    Wipe with a soft, dry cloth or chamois leather. If they must be washed, rinse, pat dry and lay them on soft cloth to drain off all moisture.
    Avoid contact with perfume, hair spray, alcohol and heat.

  • Platinum
    Use alcohol and a soft toothbrush to remove dirt. Do not use iodine or Mercurochrome, as these tend to leave stains.

Written by Linda Lee