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Diamonds are a girl's best friend!

Diamonds are considered hardier in terms of mineral make-up than other gems.

The 4 Cs when choosing a good diamond:

  1. Carat measurement: the bigger the carat, the rarer and more valuable the diamond usually is.
  2. Colour: the more intense, the higher the value.
  3. Clarity: degree to which the diamond is free of blemishes and inclusions.
  4. Cut: the human touch that determines the extent of light dispersion.

Regular care and cleansing to keep a diamond in tip-top condition:

  • Do not place diamonds with fractures near heated objects as this can weaken their structure.
  • Diamonds with fractures should not be placed in ultrasonic cleaners as this also weakens their structure.
  • To remove grease and grit, use ammonia-based agent or mild dish detergents (mixed with warm water) and scrub gently.

Written by Linda Lee