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It doesn't hurt to have some luck on your side.


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Fortune Cat aka Maneki Neko

Maneki Neko or Fortune Cat is considered a very lucky cat in the Japanese society.

A fortune cat holding up its left paw beckons good financial fortune in terms of money, business and career.

A fortune cat holding up its right paw beckons good fortune in terms of happiness, family unity and health.

The ringing of the gold bell on a fortune cat signifies the arrival of good luck and fortune.


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The accessory on each fortune cat each symbolizes a different meaning:

A large fish symbolize abundance and good fortune.

A mallet is another good fortune symbol, because Daikoku Mantra, the god of farmers, had a mallet that gold coins fell from every time that he shook it.
A daruma is the Japanese name for Bodhidharma, who transmitted Zen Buddhism to China from India. It's said that he sat in meditation so long that he lost the use of his legs. It's a symbol of perserverance and luck.
Hyotan is a hollowed out dried gourd in which Sake (Rice Wine) and other beverages were traditionally kept. Symbolizes good fortune, wealth and abundance.

Colours of Fortune Cat:

White - purity, peace and positive things to come.

Black - protection from evil, wards off misfortune and stalkers

Golden - intense wealth and prosperity.

Red - good health, wards off ills and sickness

Pink - invite love, promote relationships and romance.

Green - happiness and family stability

Yellow - good health, stability, & good marriages.

Blue - intelligence, academic and career success

Purple - health, lifestyle and beauty




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