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About Me

Welcome and Thank You for stopping by!

This online store of mine is my creative outlet. I hope to share my creations with everyone as I feel my designs are unique, at times quirky, but definitely a change from the mass produced and common accessories found in the market.

Not everyone will fall in love with my creations but I hope each of my designs will catch the eye of someone who will identify with it.

The costume jewellery on my website are made from affordable semi-precious stones, crystals and metals. The types of materials used are stated in the description of each accessory for your information.

There are sometimes only one or two pieces made for each design. I am also accepting custom orders for accessories tailored-made to your preference in design, colours and type of beads.

I have added pouches, bags, accessories organisers, which I have sourced from different places,  to my little shop over the years. These are items which I find are useful and practical, and at the same time have unique and attractive designs.

I appreciate the support and patronage from my customers, and is grateful to the help rendered from my peers over the many years since I started my business a decade ago. I strive to better myself as I continue to provide new surprises for my customers!

For more information, please contact me at sales@genuinesparkles.com. I am always happy to hear from you!